Entrepreneurial competences of teachers

Module training programme for teachers

Module training programme for teachers

Module training programme is developed for teachers and it is focused on improving eof ntrepreneurship competences of adult education staff. Programme is held as a short-time intensive course (max. 5 days). It is divided into 4 separate modules, focused on improving competences related to entrepreneurship – social and communication competences, marketing, management and creativity.

Training programme is divided to manual for teachers and practical workbook for students.


Training programme is developed in English and afterwards translated into Czech, Dutch and Norwegian for courses in native languages in partner countries. In Malta and Scotland is used English version of programme.


If you are interested in manual and workbook in any laguage, please, contact the lead partner for downloading!

Manual in English

Workbook in English

Manual in Czech

Workbook in Czech

Manual in Dutch

Workbook in Dutch

Manual in Norwegian

Workbook in Norwegian


GoScan in English

GoScan in Czech

GoScan in Dutch