Entrepreneurial competences of teachers

ECT Project finished

31/10/2010 16:03

ECT project officially ended in 31st October, 2010.

The information materials and CDs with program will be spread out in the schools, universities, adult education organisations and through workshops or conferences focused on entrepreneurial education in future.

All partners of this consortium and probably other organisation in the field of entrepreneurial education are preparing an application for a Grundtvig, Multilateral project with the aim to make from the module training program the e-learning course more applicable through the Europe.

Moreover the partners and project outputs and results are included and participate within EINET network established within Leonardo da Vinci project. The EINET network an open network for individuals and organisations working to instil the spirit of Entrepreneurship in Europe. (see www.einet.org)

We will be happy for your comments and initiative to join to the partnership and cooperate in future.