Entrepreneurial competences of teachers

About Us

We are international team of experts from 5 european countries. We are aimed on entrepreneurial education for pupils and adults too. In project are involved 5 institutions - 3 institutions aimed on education, 1 NGO aimed on women and 1 consultancy company. All organisations have a lot of experiences with projects funded from EU and aimed on entrepreneurship.

Project team and contact information you can find here.

Rekvalifikační a informační centrum s.r.o. / Reskiling and Information Centre Ltd. (Czech Republic)

RIC is education and advisory institution. Among its main activities belong preparation and realising of European projects mainly in area of human resources development and employment. In these projects RIC has many regional, national as well as transnational partners from various sectors. Within the last 10 years we have managed successful a lot of projects supported by EU funds as well as the Czech national budget.

Education and advisory is aimed at broad target groups such as unemployed, disadvantaged people but also young people and school students etc. Ric has experience not only with project management but also with practical education and advisory.

RIC is coordinator of ECT project. It is responsible for its national activities - research, piloting of module programme, validation of products, local dissemination and distribution of outcomes. In addition to this it is responsible for activities such as dissemination conference, publicity and organisation of joint training of trainers. It will also collect data from partners, collect and interpret data acquired for monitoring and evaluation and coordinate all activities, including financial and technical management.

Contact information:

Phone: +420 476 104 912

Email: info@ric-most.cz

Web: www.ric-most.cz

Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs

FWE is an independant non-profit organization, which has been set up for the promotion of opportunities, awareness building, training and research in the field of Women Entrepreneurs and other gender issues.

FWE also supports research and training infrastructures in various areas including but not limited to the following fields: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, languages, business management and other fields of knowledge; this will lead to assessing, evaluating and auditing female targeted initiatives and their effectiveness within a given context.

Contact information:

Phone: + 00356 21 22 49 00

Email: info@women.org.mt

Web: www.women.org.mt


Kompetansemegleren As

Kompetansemegleren As (SkillBroker Ltd.) was established in 2002. The company offers SME's and public organizations assistance in strategic competence planning (mapping, analyzing, dveloping and partly running education and training program for the SME's based on their strategic plans). It also offer training programs - both fixed - but also tailor made concepts for costumers. Kompetansemegleren designs, furthermore projects and concepts within education and training and later takes the lead in project management to accomplish the project goals.

Contact information:

Phone: +47 909 99 652

Email: dofstad@online.no

Web: www.kompetansemegleren.no


Kilmarnock College

A further education college in Ayrshire with over 10.000 students on full time (part time) community ans schools link courses with over 400 staff delivering courses in community and business setings, a wide range of access and business and management courses to courses at higher national diploma level. We are also a recognised centre for British Institute of Management courses and have close ties to the local Chamber of Commerce and are a lead partner in the Ayrshire tourism development consortia involving local tourism and hospitality businesses whom we work with on a wide range of industry courses.

Contact information:

Phone: +44 (0)1563 523501

Email: enquiries@kilmarnock.ac.uk

Web: www2.kilmarnock.ac.uk


Stichting Clusius College

CC provides land-based education north of Amsterdam with over 4.000 full-time students, with two colleges for senior vocational education (MBO) and eight colleges for juinior secondary vocational education (VMBO).

CC MBO has developed coaching and training programs for Green Entrepreneurs to stimulate entrepreneurship in Green sector in North-Holland. To develop and improve entrepreneurial competences of students of Clusius College MBO, a student business week has been organised with Scottish and Dutch students. The student business week proves to offer a strong impulse for students to start thinking entrepreneurial, with the surplus-value of an international setting.

Contact information:

Phone: +31 (0)72 514 7 666

Email: internationalcontacts@clusius.nl

Web: www.clusius.nl